Environmental Services:

Industrial Storm Water Management - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), Monthly and Quarterly Audits and Inspections, Annual Audit and Report, Training
GIS Services
GPS/Mobile Mapping
Environmental Site Assessments
- Phase I and II
Asbestos, Lead, and Mold - Specifications, Project Management, Air Monitoring, Inspections, Training
Soil, Air, and Water Monitoring
Tank Management -
Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST),Underground Storage Tanks (UST), SPCC Plans, Audit and Report
Hazardous Wastes Management (RCRA) -
Satellite Accumulation Site Audits and Inspections, Waste Charaterization, Training
Regulated Medical Wastes (RMW)
- Program Development and Management, Training
Spill Prevention, Controls, and Countermeasures (SPCC)

Occupational Health Services:

General Industrial Hygiene -Audits, Monitoring, Training
Personnel Monitoring
 - Audits and Training
Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)
- Program Development and Management, Training
Waste Anesthetic Gas
Ventilation/Laboratory Hood Measurements
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
Spill Clean-up Monitoring
Respiratory Protection Program
- Training and Testing
Bloodborne Pathogenes Program
- Audits and Training
EHS for Hospitals, Clinics, & Nursing Homes

Mock JC Survey Audits

Safety Services:

OSHA Baseline Inspections
Safety Program Development -
Monthly and Quarterly Safety Audits, Designated Safety Representative, MSDS Program, HAZCOM Program and Training, Site Specific Safety Manual Development
Confined Space Entry, Excavation, and Trenching
 - Program and Training
Fall Protection
 - Program and Training
- Training and Assessment
Noise Assessments and Studies

Technical Training Services:

Asbestos - OSHA Awareness Course; Project Designer, Supervisor, Inspector, Management Planner, Air Monitor, Worker Initial and Refresher TDSHS/EPA Courses; NIOSH 582 Course
- OSHA Awareness Course; HUD Lead Work Safe Practices Courses; Project Designer, Supervisor, Inspector, Risk Assessor, Worker Initial and Refresher TDSHS/EPA Courses
- Consultant, Technician, Contractor, and Worker Refresher and Initial
Respiratory Protection
 - Program Development and Management Training
- 40 hr, 32 hr, 24 hr Initial and Refresher
- Program Development, Training and Testing
Audits and Training
- Audits and Training
Confined Space Entry
- Program Development and Management, Training
 - Audits and Training