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May 2, 2013


EPA's RRP Website

Required RRP Renovation Documentation

EPA Renovator Firm Certification Application 2013

SAMPLE -- EPA Renovator Firm Application (HELP)

NEW Renovate Right Pamphlet (Sept 2011)

RRP Testing Documentation Form (Documentation of testing results)

Renovation Recordkeeping Checklist (Compliance Documentation)

Worker Training Documentation (Training Documentation-Keep on-site with Renovator and Firm certification)

Pre-Renovation Form Single Family Housing (Documentation for the Renovate Right Pamphlet - Updated)

Small Entity Compliance Guide to Renovate Right (Appendix 4)

Steps to Lead Safe RRP (worker training guide)

Paint Chip Sampling Guidance

Contractor Materials and Supplies

Where to find supplies

General Information

Sample of the RRP Lead sign

Sample of the OSHA Lead sign

RCRA in Focus Construction, Demolition, and Renovation (Waste information)

Power Washing Guide

Wash Water Control Handbook