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RRP Renovator Course Registration


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Last Updated:
March 1, 2017


EPA’s Administrator signed a final rule to extend certifications for certain individual renovators (those who received initial certification prior to March 31, 2011) under the RRP Program. . They do not apply to firm certifications or individual renovators that need their initial certification. More...

RRP Lead Training Course Schedule

Course registration begins at 7:45 am with class beginning promptly at 8 am. Course attendance is mandated by EPA.
Students late to class, may be required to re-schedule for another day.

Training schedule subject to change without notice.

Course Information
RRP Renovator Course
April 18
Course Length: 8 hours
May 23
Cost: $200.00
RRP Renovator Refresher
Please bring a copy of your original training certificate with you to the class
Time: 8 am-12 noon
Cost: $130

Renovator Forms and Applications

Training schedule subject to change without notice.

Other courses are available upon request.

Training offers include:
Customized training
Training at the client's facilities
Group discounts