AEHS, Inc.

AEHS, Inc.

Environmental, Health, and Safety Consulting Services & Training

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AEHS, Inc.
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Last Updated:
December 4, 2012


Available Courses:

Asbestos-Initial and Refresher

Asbestos Project Designer
Asbestos Contractor Supervisor
Asbestos Abatement Worker
Asbestos Inspector
Asbestos Management Planner
Asbestos Air Monitor Technican


Lead-based Paint-Initial and Refresher

Lead Inspector
Lead Risk Assessor
Lead Supervisor
Lead Project Designer
Lead Worker

Mold-Initial and Refresher

Mold Remediation Contractor
Mold Assessment Technican
Mold Assessment Consultant

Forklift Safety (MHE)

OSHA Respiratory Protection

OSHA Confined Space Entry

OSHA in Construction 10/30 Hour

HAZWOPER 24/32/40 hr - Inital and Refresher

Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)

RCRA - Initial and Refresher

DOT HazMat - Initial and Refresher

Fire Safety and Extinguisher Use


Lockout Tagout (LOTO)

JACHO Preparedness Planning

General Hospital Safety

Fire Evacuation

Chemical Hygiene